The services of Lynn Warren Cosmedical Ltd are available here at Beauty By Louise, Grimsby:

Lynn is a Non medical prescriber and Aesthetic Nurse Specialist with over 25 years nursing experience, she has practised within the field of aesthetics and cosmetic surgery for over a decade. Free Consultations are offered on a range of dermatology complaints and the management of specific skin problems. Her speciality is facial rejuvenation using a combination of therapies including 'muscle relaxing' agents (botulinum toxin), dermal fillers for wrinkle filling and facial contouring and skin peeling agents for the treatment of pigmentation and scarring. In addition Lynn can offer treatments for the removal of thread veins and offers advice and treatment for hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating).

Medical Aesthetics is the fastest growing medical field today and as such attracts a number of individuals who are less than ethical in their motivation to provide treatments. As new advancements are made it is imperative that you, the patient are given advice by dedicated specialists such as Cosmedical (Lynn Warren) who can give comprehensive professional and honest advice, providing an assessment and diagnosis to treat you medically, safely and effectively.

Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum Toxin is a natural protein that causes relaxation to any muscle it is injected into.

The use of Botulinum toxin for the treatment of facial lines and twitches has been well documented for many years receiving great publicity from the press and many celebrities.

First introduced around 20 years ago as a treatment for chronic facial twitches and spastic tics this procedure has quickly evolved into a first class Anti-wrinkle treatment. License for its cosmetic use was given in 2006 under the name Vistabel.

The procedure takes only a few minutes to perform and involves injecting very small amounts of toxin into the muscle that is causing the line or frown.

It works by creating a temporary relaxation of the muscle, which allows the bodies own collagen to fill up the space without being constantly worn away - it can provide lift and increase skin tonicity.

The full effects will generally be seen anywhere between 7- 10 days later.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are predominately used to restore a youthful appearance by filling and contouring - most often used in the lip border, nose to mouth lines and jawlines.

The lip border and lipstick lines can be improved or enlarged (Paris lip), the nose to mouth lines can be filled and scars can be softened with a variety of specialist techniques.

The tailor made materials can be chosen to suit your needs and will improve your appearance instantly.

The technique and products used are safe and reliable taking around 30 minutes to perform with results lasting between 4 months and a year depending on the particular implant chosen.

The treatment is not without discomfort but can be performed using anaesthetic gels or a dental block if you are particularly sensitive.

There are currently around 50 Dermal filling agents available on the market.

Hyaloronic acids:

The majority of dermal fillers are man made substances that contain a proportion of Hyaloronic acid. This is a ‘sugar like substance’ arranged in particulate form that is designed to naturally hydrate within the lower layers of the skin and thereby creating a plumping effect on the surface. Examples include: Juvederm Ultra Teosyal and Restylane  :

They can be used on fine and deep lines and can also be used to create volume in the cheeks or lips or in fact under the eye in the ‘tear trough’ area. These products do not require skin testing and generally will feel firm under the skin. They commonly last around 6months to a year.


The latest and most advanced of products to come to market is juvederm VOLUMA. This also contains Hyaloronic acid but carries a much heavier molecule allowing it to create around 5 times the volume and lift of the standard fillers. It has been called the non surgical “face lift”

Although more expensive @ £600.00 it is expected to last around 18months to 2 years making it excellent value for money.

Red Vein Treatment

Red veins or spider veins as they are sometimes known can be treated with Sclerotherapy very successfully.

Sclerotherapy is a well established, medically recognised and proven technique which uses fine needles to inject a special solution into the vein causing it to harmlessly dissolve away over a period of weeks.

A course of 2-6 sessions is generally required to treat all the veins and to achieve an improvement of between 65-95%. This treatment is most successful on the leg veins.

Lynn Warren has been holding a Clinic at Beauty By Louise, Grimsby now for over six years.

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Lynn's treatments include;

  1. Botox

  2. Dermal Fillers

  3. Hydrafill

  4. Restylane

  5. Perlane & Evolence Lip Enhancement. 

  6. Juvederm Ultra

  7. Dermaroller



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Combination Therapy (Lunchtime Lift)

Sometimes a combination of botox in the upper third of the face to relax and fillers in the lower third to volumise can have a dramatic effect, giving the appearance of a lunchtime lift in less than an hour.

For further details contact us on 01472 827459 or ask one of our therapists during your next visit.