Catiolift Facial - Non-Surgical Facelift:

An exclusive lifting treatment targeting the face, neck and eye area. This facial is designed to drain away puffiness, stimulate circulation and by the use of gentle stimuli, firm and tone facial muscles. The skin is left youthful, radiant and lifted.

Suitable for all skin types, this skin-specific facial can be tailor made to cater for your clients individual skin care need. Combining the benefit of science with nature, the CatioVital facial incorporates the powerful benefits of essential oils with the unique action of the CatioVital machine to penetrate the products deep into the skin leaving it deeply cleansed, soothed, radiant and rehydrated.

Beaute Lifting Facial:
An anti-ageing and replenishing treatment incorporating an intensive collagen mask for the face, neck, eye area, helping to restore firmness and reduce fine lines. The skin is left hydrated and radiant with fine lines and wrinkles reduced.


Beaute Aromatique:
Awakens your senses and rebalances the complexion. Using 100% natural essential oils in a deep relaxing massage, this hands on facial can be adopted to suit your individual skin care concerns: balancing, soothing, stimulating, moisturizing or revitalizing oils to ensure the complexion is totally radiant


Peel & Lift Facial:
This in-depth renewal treatment with glycolic acid, brightens a dull complexion, lifts and rejuvenates the features whilst eliminating pigmentation and fading age spots.