Nouveau lash extensions have been developed to the highest standards, combining softness with durability and strength. They are beautifully curled and tapered to imitate natural lashes leaving you with a flawless look. Nouveau’s specially developed, latex free lash adhesive gives you the best results and most comfortable treatment experience. Individual lash extensions are applied, one at a time, onto your own eyelashes, without overloading your natural lashes or causing damage.

You will need to return to your salon for a professional top-up every two to three weeks to ensure your lashes look their best for longer.

Nouveau Extend Lashes

Beauty By Louise Nouveau Extend technicians have the skills to tailor your treatment results to suit the look you want to achieve. Every treatment begins with a personalised, one-on-one consultation so you know what to expect from the treatment and have the opportunity to discuss the look you desire with your lash technician. Results last up to eight weeks, maintenance is recommended. The perfect treatment for those wanting beautiful lashes 24/7.

  1. Officially trained Nouveau Lash technicians

  1. Regular maintenance appointments recommended

  1. Full Set - £65.00

  1. Maintenance Treatment after 2 weeks - £30.00

  1. Maintenance Treatment after 3-4 weeks - £40.00