Wrinkle smoothing Cream

Ultra-comfortable fluid texture specially designed to plump up the wrinkles from within and give the skin new elasticity. It provides the skin with daily protection against external aggressions: pollution, air conditioning, sun.

Nourishing Firming Cream

Specially designed for dry skin, Nourishing firming cream reactivates the skins vital functions, thanks to its Dermostimulines complex, and restructures the epidermis. Its rich, easily-absorbed texture leaves the skin supple and soothed.

Vital Lift Cream

(Devitalized skins)

Daily skincare ideal for all skin types. The Dermostimulines complex spectacularly improves cellular regeneration, giving your skin increased firmness and elasticity.

Intra-Derm Lift

This amazing eraser works by targeting the wrinkles one by one, for a visible lifting effect from the first application. the Dermo-ball rolls over the skin to smooth out the wrinkles. It deposits concentrated collagen serum right in the hollow of the wrinkle, plumping it up from within.

Ice Mask

Designed to fight the signs of age, Ice lift recreates radiant skin in 10 minutes, with its dual redensifying action: the Ice Cube effect restores skin density from within while the lifting effect with Densilift complex fills in wrinkles.

Super Slimlook

(Sculps the cheeks)

Superactive gel formula that sculps the face and neck. It redefines the facial outline, targeting plump cheeks and double chins and toning the neck area.

Vital Essences

(Devitalized skin)

This in depth treatment with 100% natural essential oils contained in a hydrogel texture was designed for tired, devitalized or slack skin. It revives and regenerates the skins vital functions and recreates elasticity. Day after day, the skin becomes firmer and more youthful looking.

Ultra-Vital Acti-Serum

(Fights the signs of age)

For maximum firming and smoothing effects, this serum with concentrated regenerating agents should be used to complement the skincare creams. It is applied morning and/or evening, continuously or as a limited course, over skincare creams. The skin soon becomes firmer and smoother, the face outline is redefined.

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