Enriched New Youth

This rich cream is an exceptional cellular treatment for skin youth. In addition to its effective dual action: cellular and tissular, it contains essential fatty acids (omega 6) to restore the skins comfort and suppleness. From the 1st week, the skin becomes firmer and more luminous. Gradually, wrinkles begin to fade and the jawline is redefined.

New Youth

Thanks to its double performance, both cellular and tissular, New Youth cream boosts the cells vital functions and compensates for the effects of hormone deficiences to recreate a young skin, glowing with health. In addition to its exceptional anti-aging effectiveness, it is also pleasurable treatment, with melting texture and refined fragrance. Day after day, wrinkles fade, your skin becomes firmer, your face is totally rested, and it appears younger.

New Life

In Three weeks, this high Tech treatment reprogrammes cellular youth to recreate a new firmer, smoother and more radiant skin, working from the 3 phases of cell life. This exclusive system, unique in the world, restores a youthful appearance thanks to 3 specific serums adapted to each phase of cell life.

1st phase: Birth of cell, promotes regeneration of the cells of the basal layer.

2nd phase: Cell growth, reinforces the supporting tissues.

3rd phase: Cell longevity, protects and prolongs the skins youth.

Price £67.75

Price £67.75

Price £135.00